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She's fat and getting fatter

"She's fat and getting fatter" that's what says..and right about now..I FEEL FAT!!
I was 145 when I was 9 months pregnant and then I had Olivia and I was about 135...for about a week and then POOF I just got huge!
We were eating a lot of fast food because it was easy at the time with the new baby and all and I think that's what really did first but now I have not a clue why it won't go away.
I weight 150 pounds right now and that is the biggest I'v ever been in my whole life.
I'v always been a small girl always around 120-125 and actually I used to get really upset because people were always making comments about how I was sooo skinny and how I should gain weight and I always thought it was rude and it used to hurt my feelings but now I wish I could hear someone say that to me.
Roys gained a bunch of weight too.. He's the biggest he's ever been too but I really think he needed it. He was way to thin. Now Roy weighs 175 to his previous 135..and I think he looks great.
We both need to do sit ups to get rid of the baby fat and his sympathy belly but other then that I think he looks fine.
I think my body looks fine it's just my belly that I can't stand to look at. GRRRR!
Before I got pregnant Roy used to make comments when he would see girls that were just a little bit chubby like how gross she looked and I would always joke around with him and say Wow, I really hope I never get a little chubby if you think she looks bad. He seemed to like the model thin look..which I was at the time but he still tells me I look good and he LOVES my butt...which I admit looks pretty damn good with this extra weight. I mean he goes mad crazy over my booty.. it's really pretty funny how crazy he gets about it. Honestly though Thank God for the booty or I just might be afraid of losing him because I'm chubbier now...but I'm really not afraid at all, I know Roy loves me.. Fat or thin and I really love him too. We're doing just fine and he makes sure to tell me how pretty he thinks I'm all the time. Thank God for Roy or I could be one depressed and chubby Mommy!
I'v been taking walks everyday this week and I plan on doing it everyday from now on. I'm dedicated to losing the weight...or at least the baby belly fat.

Back to the website you guys know there are men called "Feeders" who try to fatten their girlfriends up because it turns them on to see them so fat that they can hardly move? Well, read some of the comments on the above website and you'll trip out like I did.

Way OFF topic:
Here is a picture of my daughter Tianna and her Dad..Him kissing Olivia and Carlos his brother. They've been up to visit a lot lately which is GREAT for Tianna. :) She looks so much like him it's scary! They have the same exact face and color of skin. I sometimes think I should get a DNA test done to make sure she's mine. Haha! Kidding.

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i have seen a documentary on feeders and as much as i am open to fetishes this one is just messed up big time.

Oh I wish I would of seen that one. I love documentaries.
In fact I have a account just so I can rent them since Blockbuster and video stores don't really carry many.
Feeders are probably men who want a woman that they don't have to worry about cheating on them or because they want someone they can dominate because the girls have low self esteem or they might just be sick in the head. period.
They sounded almost vulgar when they were making those comments on the website..I could not tell if they were joking and trying to be mean or they were really trying to be nice and honestly fel that way.
For example:
I think she's looking great. I think she should keep gaining. Fully explore what it's like to reach a weight of big proportions. Become absorbed in a large body.


Angela is looking like all my dreams come true. Hey hubby you must be the luckiest guy on earth because I think that your wifes weight is exploding now. Help her to become a member in the 300+ lbs club and keep her away from work and too much motion and you can see the pounds will accumulate faster on her. Sit down on a couch with her and enjoy how much space Angela takes up already.You can be very proud of your wife that has tripled in size in only a few
years. Please inform us when her weight has risen up to 315lbs. It wouldn't take too much time I think.

WOW is all I can see these people confuse me.

if you use bittorrent that is where i got the documentary from. I wish i had cable as i'd watch docos all day long but i have found some decent ones online

25 pounds isnt that bad. I know it will be hard work, but you can do it.

I pinky swear promise you I'm gonna have a flat stomach by summer time. I know I can do it.

Your children are precious and you're so pretty! A little background please...are you no longer with Tianna's Dad and Roy is your current man?

Right. Tianna is my 7 year old and me and her Dad Bobby spit up when she was just an infant.
Me and my current boyfriend have been together for almost 4 years and we just had a baby.
I also have a son with someone else, Connor and he's almost 9 years old and we split up when Connor was also a baby.
Seems I'v had bad luck with guys after I have their baby huh? UGH!
They both cheated on me and I was not having it...wether we had babies together or not. I just can't stay with someone who is gonna sleep with someone else while I'm at home with their kids.
I know Roy would never cheat on me and I really think we'll last. He's the most dedicated and honest man I'v ever been with. He's no where near a dag or a bad boy like the other two boyfriends were and that's the difference I think.
Yeah for ROY!

Yay for guys like Roy! Poo on the cheaters. Do Tianna and Connor live with their respective Dads? Do you get to visit with them often?

Wow typo heaven!
I actually meant split up not spit up and I meant dog not dag.
and whether not wether.
I suck at typing sometimes and I really need to proof read more.

I'll add my two cents in - I never thought you were too skinny, it seemed to fit you naturally, so I always thought you were pretty then. Now, I think you're still frigging gorgeous. It's almost a different person. Like a change in you as you go to the next step. I'm all for being healthy and in shape but some people take it to such obsession and extreme that it just makes them ugly in a different way.

I say be healthy, whatever weight you're happy at. *shrugs* And yes, I agree, your man is damn hot with his added weight! Why is it guys can always do that!? 8)

Thanx sweetie! I know I look totally different and I know I don't look huge but it just sucks having a belly..I'm not used to it at all and I don't want to get used to it either so I will have to start really trying to get rid of it.
In a healthy way don't worry. I'm not gonna start puking or anything. Haha!
I can't wait to tell Roy a girl online called him hot..he'll like that.
Thanx again you rock!

LOL...your man's pic reminded me of K-Fed.

Girl, you are beautiful, don't worry about those extra pounds, it's a lot better to have 10-15 to lose than 80-100 like me!!

And that website, what is wrong with those friggin men??? Give me a break!!!

K-Fed? Haha! Oh he's gonna laugh when I tell him that.
He's my cutie..he has beautiful eyes let me tell you and that's what I fell in love with at first and then I fell in love with his amazing heart and the fact I can totally trust him.
That website is nutty but I know a lot of men are honestly attracted to women with a thick figure but not obese.
I think a lot more men are attracted to thick girls then they want to admit though.
I can see why too..a womans figure is a beautiful thing.

Aww..that's awesome, I'm happy for you. And you're right, ain't nothin wrong with some junk in the trunk! lol...

that's a 'Yummy Mummy' pic, no doubt! ;)

For some reason I'm pictureing a Mummy all wrapped up in gauze...
But Thank you that's always really good to hear.

heh.. i love to read your updates there always interesting
and i'm sure you look great - in the picture you && your fam look so adorable =))
but just thought id leave you a comment =)

Thanx I'm happy to hear people still like to read my journal and I try to keep it interesting.
I don't get some of those journals that write stupid posts like..

"i just ate some ice-cream" end post.

Like who gives a crap. A big waste of your friends time! Haha! Write something at least a little interesting huh?
Anyway sorry for the rant.
Your always welcome to make comments on my journal if your gonna be so sweet.

My girl weighs 165 and she's the most gorgeous girl I've ever had!
So there!

from mom

Ahhhh sooooo cute of Olivia, she is growing like a weed. I miss you guys so much and I love it that you are doing so well with each other. I love that.

892 pictures of Olivia is very satisfying however, would love to see some pictures of Connor and Tianna. Hmmm. Need to find some balance there. I know this is a new wonderful baby butttttt.....I miss my other babies too.

Oh Mom...


Awww, I love the pictures! :)

I think it really depends on what each person is comfortable with themselves at. I know women who are large and love it, I know women who are large and hate it.. and vice versa. I say if you are happy.. comfortable.. and health that's all that should matter. If not, get to the place you are happy at :)

I know I don't comment much, I've been M.I.A. for awhile, but I'm on the verge of being back LOL =)


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