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Freak Out World Of War Craft Style caught on video

Freak Out World Of War Craft Style caught on video by kids funny little brother who was hiding behind him somewhere..and you can hear the kids mom in the background screaming at him "I'm not going to put up with this everyday.. Get OFF the computer nowWorld Of War Craft"!

Now if my son ever got this bad on the computer.. I'd be throwing the computer out the window. This video is pretty funny but it's also pretty sad that this kid got that angry over a game. It shows us how bad games can be in my and in my opinion it's a real eye opener.
We try to limit Connor's game playing and he doesn't play on the computer at all until after his homework is done and then only until 8pm. He doesn't play online MMORPG's online either. So No World of WarCraft for Connor and believe me he has asked several times for this game. I think that game is a little too addictive. I've seen people waste their lives playing that game. Moderation is the key. When your kid asks for World of War Craft for Christmas.. just remember this video.

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