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Do you Kindle?


My company bought all of our 70 employees an Amazon Kindle for Christmas! Pretty Sweet! I don't know much about the kindle and I had never even seen one until I unwrapped the gift at our Christmas party. Everyone was so excited so I can only assume that it must be pretty cool :)

I haven't had much of a chance to play with it yet so I'm just curious.. do any of you own a Kindle and if yes, how do you use it? Do you like it better then reading actual books? Do you have any favorite books that you recommend? Tips? Free book links? What are you reading at this moment?

I'm an avid reader but I've never really had a desire to read my books on my iPod or my phone or even online because I really like to read actual books that I can hold in my hand so I'm not sure if I'll ever catch on to the Kindle craze but we shall soon see I guess.

I love my company by the way and I'm so grateful to have a job for one and for two to be working there.

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I don't own but a Sony Ereader, I just got it for Christmas. But for years I was reading on Palm's handled and ipod touch. So I'm already used to reading like this, it's was better than on a computer screen, and the epaper technology used on the kindle is more natural looking than a LCD screen.

I don't know exactly your taste but the "Southern Vampire Series" is cheap and fun. I tough "not another vampire story" but it's sarcastic and fun :-)

I agree, read a bunch of the "southern vampire series" it's AWESOME! Far better than the whole stupid Twilight shit, it's written far better

I will get those for sure.. have you read any of these.. You Suck by Christopher Moore
Bloodsucking Fiends: A Love Story
A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore

I read them all and I LOVED them! Hilarious! My favorite type of book is adventure, Fantasy. I also love the Harry Potter series and right now I'm reading The Bartimus Trilogy right now. I guess I have to admit I also like young adult fantasy. Still a big kid at heart. :) I posted a list of my fav's for the year..fav books for 2009

Прикольная штуковина, впервые такую вижу. У нас таких наверное еще нет (

Все любят смотреть фильмы онлайн бесплатно!

I LOVE books, but yah I'm not sure that I could get into the whole kindle thing either. I prefer a book but I have far too many books to read at the moment to buy them.

Hey you! I love to hold a book in my hand so we'll see if the Kindle catches my heart the same way.. plus I don't like to buy expensive books. I go to the Goodwill and my garage is FULL of books yet to be read. :)

Yeah me too, there's nothing like holding a book. I'm a book whore *LOL* seriously I am it's bad but at least it's better than being addicted to drugs ;) or something. Me either, I like buying the cheaper ones too. If I get one (way in the future) it's going to be the Sony one. Yeah I get mine off Amazon (ones that if you buy them they donate it to charity) used or with ecertificates. Saving $ on books is awesome.

I don't know if you used that icon on purpose because you were commenting to me but I'm shocked people still use my icons!! That's so awesome! ((((BIG SMILE))))

I looked on amazon last night at some books I wanted to read and I can't do it.. I can't pay full price just to read it on a machine. I can't.

I'm gonna sell the Kindle. Ha!

Yes I still use your icons, they're awesome!! ♥

Oh I agree with you on that one, I don't see the point. Buying old ones also get rid of those so they later can be used at library & other places which what I do with them.

Good idea, I'm sure someone else would love them. I still think there's nothing like holding a book.

Very generous! Enjoy!

I am an avid book read/lover as well. I collect books so I can't imagine doing the Kindle thing, but I'd definitely use it if it were gifted to me! I think it's the most requested/bestselling item on!

I recommend "Because They Wanted To" or "Bad Behavior" by Mary Gateskille :o) If you haven't read "The Stand" or "It" by Stephen King, you must you must!

I wouldn't mind having one, but don't want to pay for it. Keep us updated on your adventures with that machine.

i saw this on amazon but i have to say nothing beats having an actual book in your hand. PLus i would not trust this to stay in my bag on the beach when im out swimming coz it will be stolen hehe.

very generous of your company
my company gave us a 15 minute party
1 candy cane and back to work

a friend of mine uses the kindle a lot
just read 'the historian' a 1000 page dracula novel
on the kindle, which I read in paperback and recommended
she uses kindle a lot

I got my wife a Nook, the B&N version, and she loves it. She burned through almost a $200 in minutes. She knew what she was getting, and had a list already made out, then she opened my dads present to her and saw the gift card he got her...

And she's probably gone through about 1/2 of those books since she downloaded them... Reading like a mad fiend.

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