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ibdreamy by me

was up old school!

I have not posted on my LJ is so long.. I wonder do any of my old school friends even post here anymore? I started writing in this journal 2001-06-19!! So over 11 years. Alot has changed on the web..Myspace..Youtube..then Facebook..need I say more? Now my kids are online and I'm a dinosaur.. LOL! I still know more then they do and shock them daily. Which makes me smile. :) If you remember me and your still out there put your hand up!! or Comment...or in terms you newbie's might understand... Like My Status! LOL! I will always Love all you old school players!

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She's ALIIIVVEE hehe. Still here, not like before but occasionally I do like to post. Hope you are well. You remind me of my days in the US 10 years ago in fact which is when I started following you :-)

Wow that is so cool to see your name.. of course I remember you!! Times have changed huh? Now our kids or kids we know think that they know the net.. when in all actuality WE started this party! Haha! HUGS it's good to see you here. KISS KISS

Hey there, flame-haired blast from he past. Wondered what happened to ya.

FRANK!!! It's so good to see your name and hear your.. text? Haha! Yeh, I'm still here. I'm living in Woodland now.. we just opened a Thrift store here in town.. me, Roy and his brother. It's called Things-n-stuff so if your ever in these parts stop by.
How are you?? Are you still in love? What are you up too?

Christ, woman, don't you ever sleep? Glad to hear things are going well. Hard to imagine the munchkins growing up, but they do seem to do that, don't they?

Me, I'm pretty good. I am in love...but not with Dianna. She and I divorced about a year ago. Things were a mixture of growing apart and growing tired of issues that never seemed to get fixed. I'm actually in coastal Virginia now, living with my girlfriend. Hopefully, I'll move back to the PacNW in another year or so, as we both love it there. Here's the story if you're bored:

i remember you and keep a ton of people added in case they ever come back one day!

Was up woman!! Good to see your still around and so happy you commented. Hope your doing good.

i could never leave lj even if i'm everywhere else here is home still! things are a bit rocky but doing mostly pretty well. how old are your kids now? i remember the youngest being born so omg i am about to feel old aren't i?

I remember you! IDK if you remember me.

I'm go through lj spurts occasionally, where i start posting, but for the most i'm on fb (with everyone else lol)

I keep those i used to read on my list in case they pop in one day and say hi (like you just did!)

I do remember you. :) I'll probably never delete my LJ and I found this really cool program that allows you to download your whole LJ and store it on your computer and access it like a database.. very cool. LJ Archive is what it's called if your curious. It's great to see you on here again.

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Like most of the older crew I still lurk every month or so but don't really post anymore. Good to see your name pop up though!

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Hi dreamy, iam still out here and glad to see you are too. :-)

Was up Spooky!! Haha! Glad to see everyone is stil lurking now and then. I still think LJ is much more intellectual and all around better then FB. On LJ you actually got to know people through their posts... on FB it's one or two sentences in a posts AND you need to know someone to become friends on FB. On LJ you can just start following someone if you think they have something interesting to say. My son was like oh how do you know that person (on LJ) and I was like "I don't know them in person I just know them on LJ" and he said back to me.. "that's just weird". HAHA so yes things have changed and I'm not sure I like it. :( Oh well who am I anyway? Just an old school LJ'er

Old School...soo true! I will always keep this journal. I have too many fond memories with it. Do you remember this icon? :o)

Still here, using a different name. I'll hit up your FB page since that's where I'm usually hiding! :)

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