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Back in the saddle again...

I have given up on Facebook. I enjoy writting too much for the 147 characters or less attention span that seems to be todays so called social networking crowd and I have decided to try livejournal again if for nothing more then to wtite for myself... I spent over 10 years documenting my life everyday on LJ and I truly miss it. Nothing huge to say at this exact moment ... except... I AM BACK BITCHES.

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was up old school!

I have not posted on my LJ is so long.. I wonder do any of my old school friends even post here anymore? I started writing in this journal 2001-06-19!! So over 11 years. Alot has changed on the web..Myspace..Youtube..then Facebook..need I say more? Now my kids are online and I'm a dinosaur.. LOL! I still know more then they do and shock them daily. Which makes me smile. :) If you remember me and your still out there put your hand up!! or Comment...or in terms you newbie's might understand... Like My Status! LOL! I will always Love all you old school players!

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2010 SXSW Web Awards Finalists

2010 SXSW Web Awards Finalists

The finalists for the 13th Annual SXSW Web Awards Finalists presented by Adobe -- all finalists are sites that were launched or completely redesigned in 2009. The winners in each category will be revealed at the SXSW Web Awards Ceremony on Sunday evening, March 14 at the Hilton Austin Downtown. I so wish I could go. :( ALERT: The sites in this list kick ass and I think some of you will be highly impressed with some of the amazing things web designers and developers are doing online nowadays.


Sites that revolutionize the power of publishing by providing regularly updated content of a personal or professional nature.

Art in My Coffee
Man Vs. Debt
Pets Who Want To Kill Themselves
The Vile Plutocrat

Personal Portfolio
The portfolios, pet projects and personal collections of individuals who are displaying their work and passions online.

Clouds 365 Project
Organic Grid
Kenda Perez

This category is devoted exclusively to the student web designers who are refreshing this industry with new talent and new ideas.

D.I.E. - Der Interuniversale Erdball, Inc
Giving Turtle
It Happens at Midnight
Living Galapagos
New Tapes

Technical Achievement
These are the sites that are re-inventing and re-defining the technical parameters of our online experience.

DoGood Headquarters
This Is Your Land
Wolfram Alpha

Collapse )

Green and Non-profit websites that are striving to make the world a better place.

Ad Council - That's Not Cool
Love Letters to the Future
Our Bombs
United Nations Foundation, Summit on the Summit

Humor, memes and all the stuff that is weird for the sake of weird.

Atlas Obscura
Pretty Loaded
Mayor Jack Reynolds

From traditional photography to untraditional performances, this category focuses on web-based collections of life, society and culture.

Keeping Faith with an Idea: Guggenheim Museum, 1943-59
Livebrush and the Livebrush Project
Peter Schafrick Photography
The Andy Warhol Foundation

Sites devoted to the promotional needs, functions and services of for-profit businesses.

2011 Fiesta Experience
I Wear Your Shirt
mN Site

This category showcases sites that push the boundaries of CSS coding technology, bringing together top-notch design and content with standards compliant and accessible code.

Legwork Studio
Pied à Terre

While the SXSW Interactive Web Awards focus on the best new internet destinations, this category is devoted to sites that launched before January 1, 2009.


Social networks and wikis that have quickly developed an extraordinarily active multi-user community and an exceptional following of users who assist with content development.

I Am a Trail Blazers Fan

Educational Resource
From elementary school learning to advanced technology-related tips, these are sites that help you learn.

Bucknell University Virtual Tour
IBM TheSmarterCity
PBS Kids
Track My T

These are cutting-edge and trend-setting destinations that are pushing the envelope and challenging our perceptions of the web.

Assassin's Creed Twitter Experience
Bet Your Followers
HBO Imagine

Film / TV
Sites related to actors, television, films and the film industry, as well as destinations that offer streaming video content.

Jim Carrey
Despicable Me
Empire of the Word
TCM 15 Anniversary
Transformers 2

The online destinations that help make your life a lot more fun.

Cardboard World
Titanium Chef

Sites optimized for handheld and portable devices.

NBA League Pass

Motion Graphics
Animations, cartoons, and other intriguing content built using applications such as Adobe/Macromedia Flash.

Coca-Cola Happiness Factory 3
Me InTru 3D
We Choose the Moon

Sites related to musicians, bands, and the music industry, as well online radio and other destinations that offer streaming audio content.

Echo & The Bunnymen
Fat Freddy's TV
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - Rock Immortal

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My Fav list of books I've read in 2009

My Fav list of books I've read in 2009

  • Bloodsucking Fiends: A Love Story - cheerfully perverse, gut-busting tale of young vampires in love.
  • You Suck by Christopher Moore - A young man falls in love with a beautiful vampire in Moore's offbeat comic novel. (sequel to You Suck)
  • A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore - When objects in his store begin glowing, strangers drop dead before him and man-sized ravens start attacking him, Charlie figures something's up. Along comes Minty Fresh—the man in green—to enlighten him: turns out Charlie and Minty are Death Merchants, whose job (outlined in the Great Big Book of Death) is to gather up souls before the Forces of Darkness get to them. While Charlie's employees, Lily the Goth girl and Ray the ex-cop
  • The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 1 and Book 2) - about a contemporary 12-year-old New Yorker who learns he's a demigod. Perseus, aka Percy Jackson, thinks he has big problems. His father left before he was born, he's been kicked out of six schools in six years, he's dyslexic, and he has ADHD. What a surprise when he finds out that that's only the tip of the iceberg: he vaporizes his pre-algebra teacher, learns his best friend is a satyr, and is almost killed by a minotaur before his mother manages to get him to the safety of Camp Half-Blood--where he discovers that Poseidon is his father.
  • The Amulet of Samarkand (The Bartimaeus Trilogy, Book 1) by Jonathan Stroud - Nathaniel is a boy magician-in-training, sold to the government by his birth parents at the age of five and sent to live as an apprentice to a master.
  • The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett - A beautiful book that kept me clued to the pages. - Tom Builder's dream is to build a cathedral, but in the meantime, he must scrounge about to find a lord that will hire him. His search pulls him and his family into the politics of 12th-century England, as different lords vie to gain control of the throne in the wake of the recently deceased king. Prior Phillip, a man raised in the monastery since childhood, also finds himself drafted into the brewing storm as he must protect the interests of a declining church.

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Do you Kindle?


My company bought all of our 70 employees an Amazon Kindle for Christmas! Pretty Sweet! I don't know much about the kindle and I had never even seen one until I unwrapped the gift at our Christmas party. Everyone was so excited so I can only assume that it must be pretty cool :)

I haven't had much of a chance to play with it yet so I'm just curious.. do any of you own a Kindle and if yes, how do you use it? Do you like it better then reading actual books? Do you have any favorite books that you recommend? Tips? Free book links? What are you reading at this moment?

I'm an avid reader but I've never really had a desire to read my books on my iPod or my phone or even online because I really like to read actual books that I can hold in my hand so I'm not sure if I'll ever catch on to the Kindle craze but we shall soon see I guess.

I love my company by the way and I'm so grateful to have a job for one and for two to be working there.
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Happy New Year Live Journal!

Happy 2010!! This will be my 8th YEAR on LJ!
Created on 2001-06-19 12:36:17 (#192050)
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WOW! right? Totally nuts. I'm like the granny of LJ.

This is totally off topic but it's what I'm messing with at the moment... I probably should of put this in a separate post but eh oh well.. Here is My most recent speedtest results for my PC connection to Comcast in Vancouver, WA I'm curious what other people are getting.. especially if your on Comcast and in Vancouver or Portland. The test is totally free and easy just click the banner and click test.

I just figured out how to stream media from my computer to my PS2/TV so now I can watch all my downloaded movies and view my pictures on my big screen etc.. listen to music.
I'm using http://tversity.com/ it was incredibly easy to setup so if your looking for a way to stream media to your XP PC there you go just download and follow the prompts. :) You can also use http://orb.com/ but Tversity seems better in my humble opinion.
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Freak Out World Of War Craft Style caught on video

Freak Out World Of War Craft Style caught on video by kids funny little brother who was hiding behind him somewhere..and you can hear the kids mom in the background screaming at him "I'm not going to put up with this everyday.. Get OFF the computer nowWorld Of War Craft"!

Now if my son ever got this bad on the computer.. I'd be throwing the computer out the window. This video is pretty funny but it's also pretty sad that this kid got that angry over a game. It shows us how bad games can be in my and in my opinion it's a real eye opener.
We try to limit Connor's game playing and he doesn't play on the computer at all until after his homework is done and then only until 8pm. He doesn't play online MMORPG's online either. So No World of WarCraft for Connor and believe me he has asked several times for this game. I think that game is a little too addictive. I've seen people waste their lives playing that game. Moderation is the key. When your kid asks for World of War Craft for Christmas.. just remember this video.